The house at 100 W Moore Street, Independence, MO


Left: Ginger Rogers and her mother, Lela Rogers; Right: Ginger Rogers

Open to the public 

- Birthplace of ginger rogers | Independence, Missouri -

The Ginger House Museum

The Ginger House Museum offers an interesting presentation about the project to groups such as Rotary Clubs, homeowner associations, civic, and historic associations. 

The Ginger House Presentation

- History of the house

- The story of Ginger's mother, Lela Owens- Rogers

- The story of Ginger Rogers

- The restoration of the house

- Our plans for the future and tours open to the public in 2018

30 - 60 minutes in length depending on your schedule

$100 fee in the greater Kansas City Area. Will travel if travel expenses are covered. 

Presented by Marge Padgitt, Director of the Ginger House Museum

Contact: Tamie Dorsch, executive assistant: or call 816-833-1602 9 - 5 CST to make arrangements.