Second in the series

$1,600 includes shipping to your door in the U.S. 

Only one per person, please.


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Left: The Fancy Feet Doll in a red dress on display at the Ginger House Museum

The Ginger House presents the exclusive sale of four Fancy Feet 20" tall porcelain dolls by famous doll maker Linda Lee Sutton. These are the final four in a series of seven and no more will be made.

The dolls were fashioned after Ginger Rogers, who sat for Linda at her home in Oregon. This is the only doll ever made of Ginger Rogers that Ginger approved of, however, Ginger passed just before providing official written approval to use her name, therefore, only the name Fancy Feet can be used.

Only seven of these dolls will be made. Each of the dolls is made with a different color gown, so you will truly have a one-of-a kind doll. 

​The number 3 doll with a red dress is in the Ginger House in Independence, Missouri, where Ginger Rogers was born in 1911. Profits go towards restoration of the home. 

Each doll comes in a box and has a stand. They are shipped directly to your door. 

​Allow at least 6 weeks for completion. 

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The Fancy Feet Doll