Home of Lela Rogers and Birthplace of Virginia Katherine McMath

(stage name- Ginger Rogers)

Independence, Missouri

The Ginger House Museum

Each doll is handcrafted by Linda Lee Sutton. The doll, including the head,  arms and legs are porcelain and are movable. the hair and dress are also hand made by Linda. Two more in the series will be made and you may choose the material used for the gown from Linda's selection if desired. Each doll's gown is different so you'll have a one-of-a kind collector's doll. 

Ginger Doll in Cream/Gold Gown. $1,600.00

The Fancy Feet Ginger Doll


Ginger Doll in Pink Gown. $1,600.00

Doll with your choice of fabric from Linda

Second in the series

$1,600 per doll includes shipping to your door in the U.S. 

Only one per person, please. We accept checks or money orders. Credit cards payments accepted with a 3% fee. 


or email mp@thegingerhouse.org

​to order.

Linda Lee Sutton

In 1983 Linda Lee Sutton, a surgery technician nurse, wanted to learn the art of antique doll reproduction, and to make the old-style master dolls that were made at the turn of the century. She was invited to attend a class by Theo Menzenbach, a third-generation master sculptor, and on the third day he told her she was a natural and would do well in the art of sculpting dolls. Linda believes that the fact that she was a surgery technician nurse likely helped. She attended many seminars over a 15-year period in Seattle, New York, California, Canada and other locations.  Linda would make two of the same doll, selling one to make money to go to the next seminar.  She also attended wig making classes to learn the art of wig creation for her dolls.

Each doll is a study in itself. She has made approximately 125 different sculpted original dolls and limits the number of the same design to five to twenty. Linda has received several awards from the international Toy Fair in Manhattan, New York, where she displayed samples. Her dolls have appeared on the covers on three magazines, and she has written articles for magazines on the art of doll construction.  Linda made several for F&B dolls for children, but they ended up as collector pieces.

Linda met with Ginger Rogers and created a doll after her likeness. This doll is the only one ever made that was approved by Ginger Rogers. Unfortunately, Ginger passed prior to finalizing the agreement, so the name of the doll is “Fancy Feet”. One doll, #3 in a red gown, is in the Ginger House Museum. Linda is making only seven of these dolls, each with a different color gown. Two dolls will be available for sale at the Ginger Rogers Festival for $1,600 each, with profits going to the restoration of the Ginger House Museum.  

The Fancy Feet Doll in a red dress on display at the Ginger House Museum. #3 in the series will not be sold. 

The Ginger House Museum presents the exclusive sale of four Fancy Feet 20" tall porcelain dolls by famous doll maker Linda Lee Sutton. These are the final four in a series of seven and no more will be made.

The dolls were fashioned after Ginger Rogers, who sat for Linda at her home in Oregon. This is the only doll ever made of Ginger Rogers that Ginger approved of, however, Ginger passed just before providing official written approval to use her name, therefore, only the name Fancy Feet Ginger Doll can be used.

Only seven of these dolls will be made. Each of the dolls is made with a different color gown, so you will truly have a one-of-a kind doll. 

​The number 3 doll with a red dress is in the Ginger House in Independence, Missouri, where Ginger Rogers was born in 1911. 

Each doll comes in a box and has a stand and certificate. They are shipped directly to your door.  (Shipping included in the price) or pick up at the museum.

​Allow at least 6 weeks for completion of each of the remaining two dolls. 

The Artist: Linda Lee Sutton