- AN Historical Destination -‚Äč

From LIFE Magazine 1942

Opening in  2018

We are currently in the process of doing extensive repairs to the interior of the home including repairing all four of the stone foundation exterior walls, rebuilding the interior stone foundation wall, replacing broken floor joists, leveling floors, repairing plaster walls, adding insulation, putting in new ceilings, kitchen cabinets and appliances, fixtures, painting, etc.  The chimney has been rebuilt to the original design. Fortunately, we were able to save all of the original woodwork, the original cast iron clawfoot tub, and corner bathroom sink, The sink had to be restored by professionals. This portion of the project is nearing completion. 

We still need to replace the front door with a period door, rebuild the front porch, repair the pillars, install new brick sidewalks, install a driveway and parking, install a privacy fence, install a front and side fence, and do landscaping. A surveyor must be hired, a landscape architect must be hired, and all work to the exterior must be approved by the Independence Heritage Commission.  

We are currently looking for  antique furniture for the home.  If you have something to gift to the home, we would greatly appreciate it! Please note, that currently contributions are not tax deductible, however, and contibutors names will be displayed somewhere on the property in recognition of your generous gift. Displaying of your name may include any of the following or something similar: personalized paver bricks, inclusion on plaques, framed list of contributors, name plates, etc.

We have applied for 501c3 status as a tax exempt non-profit organization. The organization name is The Local Historic Preservation Society (LHPS). After approval, donations will be tax-deductible. 

Birthplace of Ginger Rogers
‚ÄčIndependence, Missouri

The Ginger House


A history of the house and future plans. We will present this at your local meeting or event in the greater Kansas City area at no charge. Please contact us for more information. 

The Ginger Rogers Festival

July 14-15, 2018

Independence, MO

Our plans include a tour of the house where Ginger was born, a dinner with guest speakers, a silent auction, and more! Watch this site for more info coming soon. 

Buy a Brick - Preserve the Ginger House

We have an ongoing campaign to afford people the opportunity to help us restore and maintain the integrity of the property and open it to the public. In exchange for your contribution, a paver brick (or more) engraved with your name, will be placed on the property. Please see our Objectives page or Contribution Page for more information.

From a LIFE Magazine article in 1942 - Ginger sitting on the front porch.

Feel free to drive by the house anytime. No tours of the interior until it is open to the public. 

This home, the birthplace of Ginger Rogers, where she lived with her mother until about age four, was added to the historic register in Independence, Missouri on Ginger's birthday July 16, 1994. Ginger Rogers was present for the celebrated "Ginger Rogers Day" Festival which included a parade, a film festival at the Englewood Theater, and book signing by Ginger for hours.

Open to the public in 2018

100 W. Moore Street, Independence, MO

Located in the Harry S Truman Historic Landmark District
Designated as an Historic Landmark by the City of Independence in 1993